“We create pleasant living and playing spaces for children.” – Andreja Smolej

About us

In the production of soft toys and didactic material we have 30 years of tradition. In addition to a wide range of standard products, we also produce according to individual specifications and, if desired, with your own brand. We specialise in the design and manufacture of soft products. Playgrounds, cubes, sports polygons, sofas and armchairs for children’s rooms, various balls and cushions for sitting on, mats and play floors for playing or gymnastics, and play pools with play balls complete our portfolio.

Our products and materials meet all the required quality standards, and are made of different natural and child-friendly materials. Our products are used in kindergardens, schools, hotels, shopping centres and other public facilities.


Society keeps forgetting that children are our greatest treasure. We are aware of this, and that is our greatest motivation. We create pleasant living and playing spaces with our products.

Pedagogically meaningful, as well as motoric supporting products are the result of our own research, construction and production. 


Happy and healthy children are our mission. Children who are now parents want their children to grow up with our products. Our team consists exclusively of mothers who bring additional inspiration for new products.

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We are looking for partners for the development and expansion into new markets and for the development of new products.


We won the “CREATORS FOR CENTURIES” award in 2020, which honoured our contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Central and South-Eastern Europe.


AJA-LINA d.o.o.

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