“I take my inspirations from daily life” – Olivia Herms

About us

bada&bou was launched in 2019 by designer Olivia Herms. As a founder and mother of two small kids she wants to create unique, playful and timeless pieces that appeal to both children and adults in their modern homes.

Her first collection brings together joyful friends in form of three animals which invite to a creative and intuitive sensory play and stimulate motricity from an early age on:
The rocking whale “ba”, the jumping rabbit “da”, and rolling elephant “bou”.

Handmade in Italy from high quality materials these sustainable animals will enchant kids from a young age on and future generations to come.


bada&bou creates timeless, playful and beautiful objects for kids that enchant the entire family. Big animal friends that the kids will grow up with and cherish over time, always having their best friend around. Therefore ba, da and bou will last for generations.

Olivia`s inspiration

I take my inspirations from daily life – observing our way to life with the objects that surround us.

Observing my own children and being a designer probably gives me the chance to ask the right questions and react accordingly. Having a strong sense of good design I want our kids to be surrounded by meaningful and longlasting objects, as this is our way to teach them a more sustainable lifestyle.

kiddesso network

I am open for any kind of inspiring new projects and collaborations with people and brands that share similar values.



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