“It is the attitude from which we make furniture for generations, to establish a more sustainable furniture culture, free from disposable furniture.” – Lars Theenhaus, Philip Dabrowski

About us

bekind. is more than a furniture brand. It’s a conscious mindset. Initiating change takes the right mindset. bekind. is our guiding principle regarding nature, society, employees, suppliers and the people using bekind. furniture: Our principle in matters large and small.

This conscious mindset helps us build furniture for generations – creating a sustainable world of furniture – free of throw-away mentality. Because earth-conscious lifestyle starts at home – with small things.

Timeless design, local FSC-labelled solid wood and natural linoleum, a lifetime guarantee, and the versatility of EINS and ZWEI ensures that bekind. furniture fits in every children’s room and can change its purpose as the kids grow up. It might eventually leave the playroom to be used elsewhere in your home. It is built to last a lifetime without any waste of valuable resources.

Young or old: bekind. changes the world of furniture. For everybody. With a conscious mindset.


When we were setting up the rooms for our own children, we could not find durable, visually appealing and at the same time functional furniture for them. Unfortunately, there is a strong throw-away mentality regarding children’s furniture.

We decided to change that by creating what we both aimed for: sustainable furniture that is versatile enough to be suitable for kids and adults and durable enough to last a lifetime and longer.


There are companies in other industries that inspire us. Armedangels has been fighting against fast and in favour of fair fashion for many years, a fight that perfectly reflects our mindset and challenge. The Danish furniture company TAKT is following a similar path in a different segment of furniture/interior design. There is “Fridays for Future”, there are many and fortunately more and more inspiring people on a joint mission out there.

kiddesso network

We are looking for allies who will help us establish a more sustainable, conscious use of furniture, moving away from the throw-away mentality. The more likeminded people joining us, the better our chances in bringing sustainable change to the world of furniture.



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