“Each BERMBACH – bed is made by hand and is in itself a small, unique work of art.” – Alexander Bermbach

About us

These days, our world is constantly flooded with new things, much of which is very short-lived – we long for traditional things that we still love and use.

Our aim is to meet the desire of many parents for individual furniture, which they can enjoy for a long time.


We would like to fulfill many parents’ desire for something that industrial mass production simply doesn’t have to offer: The passion for an individual piece of furniture, which can be enjoyed for a very long time. Why? On the one hand, because it is handmade and of incredibly high quality and on the other because its design appears natural and familiar to people.


We love the everyday culture and traditions of southern countries such as Portugal or southern France. Here you can still discover many simple, natural and beautiful things. But also the nature-loving Scandinavian style enchants us again and again.

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Green Product Award 2018
ADesign Award 2019
German Design Award 2020
Iconic Award 2020

Bermbach Handcrafted GmbH

Zeil 1

60313 Frankfurt am Main