“Sustainability is an important cornerstone of our young company” – Hannes Frech, Stefan Friedrich, Dietmar Kreil

About us

Sustainability is an important cornerstone of our young company. We see it as our task to produce educationally valuable toys that meet ecological criteria and have a long life span. In this sense, we would like our building blocks to give pleasure not only to one but also to many generations to come.

Already in 2015, we succeeded in winning the Green Product Award in the “Kids” category with Bioblo out of 400 entries from 21 countries. The innovative material, the independent design and the high educational value of the building blocks were cited as reasons for the top placement. After that, we received other important awards, including the “Spiel gut” seal of approval for toys with special educational value, the German Design Award in the category “Excellent Product Design / Baby and Child Care”, as well as the Austrian and German Ecolabel.


Imagination and creativity are innate in all children. We just need to put the right “tools” in their hands so that they can turn their ideas into reality. When building with Bioblo, this is exactly what happens.

While many adults are still sitting around with a quizzical look on their faces, their children are already busy building a pony farm with fences, stables and hurdles for the upcoming horse show. Or building a tower as high as possible, which usually only comes to a halt when it reaches the ceiling. Or a fire-breathing dragon. Or a spaceship. Or a bridge. Or, or, or. Why is that?

Because the children’s imagination is virtually fired by the limited design of the Bioblos. In other words: there is only one type of stone, but an infinite number of possibilities for placing it. We have deliberately avoided connecting pieces, because this would inevitably lead to certain restrictions in building. This way, each stone can be used in a completely flexible way and in any direction. That is true freedom.


From the beginning, it was our goal to develop a play and construction block that is visually distinctive and stands out from all the other blocks on the market. The possibilities to realise such a design with wood were quickly exhausted. But we did not want to produce the umpteenth plastic toy – and so we chose Bio-Fasal, a modern material made from 100% renewable, natural or recycled raw materials.

The resulting openwork honeycomb shape of the bricks not only inspires the children’s imagination, but also opens up completely new possibilities that did not previously exist with closed wooden bricks. For example, Bioblo towers can be illuminated from the inside, with the honeycomb shape creating exciting light and shadow effects.

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Due to the special composition of our building blocks (they consist of wood chips and recycled plastic), we are always on the lookout for high-quality pre-consumer recycled plastics. Specifically, we need polypropylene (PP) from a pure and 100% traceable source.


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