“Let’s talk! We are dedicated with body and soul to creating and sharing knowledge in the field of speech therapy.” – Meta and Petra

About us

The co-founders of GingoTalk are Petra and Meta, speech therapists working in speech therapy clinics for children.

Two years ago, based on the needs of daily practice, we developed Slovenian speech therapy cards “VEM-POVEM”. Each pack contains 300 cards arranged according to the individual voices of the Slovenian language.

The cards aim to strengthen communication in play, build sentence structure and promote phonological awareness. With the “VEM-POVEM” cards we also touch on the issue of developmental disabilities and these cards can also be the basis for augmentative and alternative communication.

GingoTalk celebrated its first anniversary in April 2021. This year we are proud of the new product – “book”, which will be available soon.


It is known that up to 30% of pre-school children have problems in one of the areas of language development and the percentage continues to rise. We have also noticed this problem in our daily practice and we both want to do our part to solve this problem or at least stabilise this growing trend.

We are really happy that we can think up and create something new, own, and in this way help to solve the speech and language problems in children.


We find inspiration for new products in our daily work with the children. We try out all new ideas with the children first and if they are enthusiastic, then we think the idea further and develop it into a new product.

kiddesso network

We have introduced the Gingo hand puppet mainly to parents, educators, teachers, special needs teachers and speech therapists from Slovenia. In recent months, we have noticed interest in Gingo in other markets as well, especially in Croatia, Germany, Spain and Norway. We are pretty sure that children all over Europe can benefit from our innovation and we want to spread it worldwide. We would be happy to become better known in different markets / countries with the help of the kiddesso network.


Currently, our product GingoTalk is on the Hundred Community, a global community of education innovators and passionate educators helping to improve education in every corner of the world.

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