“Our indoor slide made of wood suddenly conquered the children’s rooms around the world.” – Kai Buschmann

About us

We are the brothers Kai and Ken and founded Jupiduu in 2014 alongside our jobs at the time. Our original goal was to sell a few slides on the side.

Yet the indoor children’s slide was so well received and the demand was quickly so great that Jupiduu became our main activity shortly after its founding. Of course, the order from the British royal family, which generated a real media hype, was undoubtedly helpful. Last year, we were able to export the slides to over 50 countries.


We are the court supplier of the British Royal Family. Prince George’s nanny ordered a Jupiduu slide on the occasion of his 1st birthday, as media around the globe abruptly reported on all channels.

Since that day, nothing has been the same. TV crews besieged the office we had just moved into and orders reached us every minute. Germany, Europe, Australia – everyone wants our slide. Of course, this is incredibly motivating.


Our inspiration comes from our own family. In summer 2021, a new product will be launched on the market that has been extensively tested by our kids in advance. Kai is the father of a daughter and a son and I am the proud father of two boys.

kiddesso network

We look forward to the exchange with other members and inspiration for new innovations.


Jupiduu GmbH

Am Freibad 1

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