Kid`s world




in Shanghai`s shopping mall Joy City

Kid’s World in Shanghai Joy City is the spatial extension of the shopping centre with the theme of love. This area is specially designed for children aged 3 to 10 years and offers enriching, interesting and varied experiences. Children can pursue their fantasies, follow their instincts and explore the environment in their own way.

The integration of the triple-staggered structure with different heights on this floor was a challenge for the architect. Derived from the concept of the “dandelion hill”, the entire space grows and flows naturally with the rhythm of the “contour lines”. Gorgeous colours alternate between the entertainment zone and the retail shops. By creating an interactive space, the design enlightens and inspires children.

On 4200 square metres, the retail shops and public entertainment areas merge with the circularly moving stream of visitors.

The main scene is in the lift lobby where the dandelion stems break through the floor and spread out. The “singing” stalk art installation encourages children to experience nature simply by listening closely with their ears. When the children open their eyes, the fun flower bud book house and the magnificent “rainbow forest” come into view. The children climb through the playful slides, fully using their bodies and feeling the movement, and explore the tree houses in the middle of the square. At the end, they reach the glowing “fairy masquerade”.

Like an overturned palette, the project brings up to 200 colours to areas with different themes. Art installations and shops bump into and merge with each other, bringing life and amusing expectations into the space.

The entire space is a metaphor for the process of life from emergence to growth to maturity. It encourages children’s creative whims and ideas and leads them to explore the magic of nature. It is also an experimental innovation to insert leisure activities into retail spaces.

Project name: Shanghai Joy City Kid’s World

Location: Shanghai. China

Design Company: ARIZON DESIGN,

Architect: Junwei Shen

Floor Area: 4200 Sq m

Completion time: 2018

Main materials: Aluminum, Iron, Stainless steel, Wood, Diatom mud, Terrazzo (Natural materials)

Photographer: Dirk Weiblen,