“Our mission is to offer customers products that bring joy.” – Jiří Čapek

About us

Founder Jiří Čapek graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Brno University of Technology.

It all started when Jiří Čapek wanted to buy a 3D printer in early 2018, and then realized that the marble run is an ideal product for 3D printing. He innovated the product together with his, then 8-year-old daughter.

In the future, he plans to expand the selection of cubes to include colors, different sizes and shapes.


Jiří Čapek’s long-term goal is to make Koda a world-famous brand that children and adults can play with on all continents.

We want to develop products with a minimal carbon footprint that do not pollute the environment and produce little waste.


With perseverance and determination, we strive to impress with mechanical toys in the world of smartphones and touchscreens. When building the marble run, children and adults develop their individuality and creativity and always find new exciting opportunities that us additionaly inspire.

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  • 3D printing technology
  • the idea and process of creating Koda cubes
  • circular economy
  • use of ecological materials in production


Koda Kids

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