Magnetic ball track


Magnetic ball track – play sets with magnetic elements and balls

Product description

The product features a patented, completely unique system of magnets embedded directly into the wall of each cube – so the cubes don’t move away from each other. The surface of the cubes has different grooves and holes through which an inserted metal ball rolls – ball track fun from the 3D printer.

The individual cubes can be put together as desired to form a marble run. The product promotes spatial imagination and stimulates motor skills.

The toy is aimed at children from the age of four. Koda cubes are of the highest quality and safety and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Product data

Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 3 cm

Material: The magnetic cubes are made of biodegradable corn starch with 3D printing technology. The material and production are extremely environmentally friendly.

Marble run

8 function cubes 2 stainless steel balls

36 €

excl. VAT

Marble run start

6 function cubes 2 underlying cubes 2 stainless steel balls

32 €

excl. VAT

Underlying cubes

8 underlying cubes

19 €

excl. VAT

Koda Kids

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