Nido – Children’s swing that grows with the child

Product description

This is a child’s swing that grows with the child. It can be used from 6 months.

The upper part of the swing can be removed in a few easy steps to ensure that it can be used for as long as possible. The materials used are completely degradable or recyclable. Only durable materials that have been tested for harmful substances and meet the highest standards are used.

The special feature of this product is that it can be used by all ages. So it can be used by both young and old and should also give older people access to play again.

The swing is made in Germany, all materials come from the EU.

Product data

Dimension: 450 x 240 x220 mm, 1 kg

Material: beech wood, cotton, recycled PET

Stella Buggenthin

Friedensallee 10

22765 Hamburg