Plattenbau – mathematical modular system

Product description

The modular mathematical system PLATTENBAU emerged from a mathematical gimmick in 2004 and it offers insight into children’s stages of development. The puristic geometry challenges children to examine mentally and haptically, allowing an analog understanding of digitality.

The building block system consisting of 25 velvety polished ashlars that geometrically build on each other. When put together, they form a cube of 14 cm edge length that weighs just under 2 kilos.

Plattenbau is cut to its exact dimensions from offcuts of FSC wood, then polished and assembled by hand. The packaging is a handmade cardboard box from Thuringia, Germany.

Product data

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 14 cm, 1,8 kg

Material: Birch, Ash, Walnut

Julia Heinemann, Plattenbau

Jahnstraße 26