STROLCHI – acoustic furniture system

Product description

STROLCHI is an adaptable furniture system that can effortlessly be transformed from a place of retreat into a hideout, a playground, a reading spot, cave or tunnel. There is plenty of room for a child`s imagination to run wild here!

Stable round rods out of white powdered metal are screwed into a baseplate coated with HPL. Wall elements out of wool felt are fitted onto these. The wool felt cover reduces the surrounding noises and thereby creates acoustic quiet zones.

Connecting elements hold the individual parts together, roofs can be laid and affixed, and if the round rods are not covered with the wool elements, felt covers can be mounted.
Wool felt cushions for the baseplate are available in four colours.

Product data

Dimensions: 62 x 99 cm

Material: Multiplex, HPL coated, white powdered steel, wool felt

All parts are produced in Germany. We assemble them in our manufacture in Dömitz. Our mats and wool felt covers are made by employees at “DRK Werkstätten” in Rostock.

timkid GmbH

Mühlendeich 15

19303 Dömitz