Stella Buggenthin




“Clear. Naturally. With meaning.
My designs should be fun.” – Stella Buggenthin

About me

I like furniture, interior and the challenge. Versatility and sustainable materials play an important role for me, which I have dedicated myself to since 2016 as a self-employed graduate product designer.

Clear. Naturally. With meaning.
My designs should be fun.

They are functional, durable, aesthetic and economically producible. Shapes and materials are inspired by nature.


Children are unprejudiced: Either they like a product, or they don’t. They are not looking for a stylish fashion accessory or status symbol, they simply want to discover and play. In our over-saturated throwaway society, this original demand is preserved in no other area as much as in the children’s (furniture) sector. I want to design durable and functional products that meet these requirements and bring joy into the world. 🙂

Satisfying children’s needs while also balancing functional, technical and ecological aspects (safety, durability, sustainability….) is the most exciting challenge for me. I am also shocked to see the masses of cheap toys and furniture on the market, and as a designer I see it as my duty to take responsibility and produce truly sustainable, durable and fairly produced products.


Everything! 🙂 Sometimes it’s a material that inspires me, sometimes a situation, a form or a conversation. If you go through life with your eyes open, you will find inspiration everywhere.

kiddesso network

I am always interested in new contacts and exchange, in cooperation with responsible manufacturers and exciting projects.


Stella Buggenthin

Friedensallee 10

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